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Challenge 13: Doing the Latest Rag

Challenge 13: Doing the Latest Rag

What's the latest fad in your city? Whether it's fashion, music, or even the party entertainment, most everything is fad-dependent. Your icon this week must utilize an icon trend and make it pretty. For good examples, check out icon_tutorial. Trends can be anything - light blobs, grunge textures, the bird, magenta icons, blending, that checkered texture that's everywhere. If it's being abused right now, you can use it!

Are you up for a little gamble? If you so choose (meaning it is not mandatory), you may adhere to slight stricter guidelines for this challenge. If you want to take a gamble, your trendy icon must be an icon of a character that placed in the last challenge (meaning Irvine, Agrias, Quistis, Seifer or Rosa). If you make an icon that fits these specifications, you are put into a different voting table and are eligible for 700 gil. There will only be one winner of 700 gil, and if you make the gamble icon, you are not eligible for standard placing. Will you take the risk?

♥ You must be a member to participate
♥ Icons must be no larger than 100x100 and 40kb.
♥ Do not use fanart or doujinshi - officially released images only.
♥ All icons must be completely your own - no bases or stealing, and you should not follow tutorials exactly for this icon. Brushes/textures/etc. from others are allowed.
♥ Content must fall under a PG-13 header.
♥ Icons should be made specifically for this challenge.
♥ Only one icon should be submitted.

Animation is allowed for this challenge, just as long as the overall idea of the icon does not violate the theme.

Icons should not be displayed or advertised anywhere prior to voting. After results, you may display your icon in your teams to get more feedback, but at no other location should these icons be shown until after aliases are revealed. EDIT 10/6: You may post your icons somewhere else afterwards ONLY IF you did not place.

How to submit:

GAMBLE?: ________
CHARACTER: _________
To clarify, Character is your character, the one you signed up with, not the character in your icon. YOU MUST INCLUDE THIS! MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST.

Icons must be submitted by Saturday, January 24th at 10:00 PM EST.


No Big Freeze icontests this week, but be sure to keep participating in our affiliate icontests! There may be some perks coming up (especially since our contest is closing out...)
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